About Us

AboutUs“As most of you know, about 3 years ago I designed a mod for myself... the Caravela. At that time, the variety and availability of mods was very limited and I wasn't able to buy the mod that I wanted (gg or precise) because their were sold out in Europe. So I decided to make a mod only for my personal use (the Caravela). When the mod was complete I posted some photos on Internet and my Adventure in mods world started. During this adventure I introduced nanotechnology to the mods industry with the application of nano struturated coatings in Caravelas, made silver versions, created a system that have the benefits of a tank with the pleasure of pure dripping (the drip tank) and made MANY NEW FRIENDS. Besides all that, since I designed the Caravela for my personal use and the initial plan was to make only ONE, the design wasn't sophisticated. The mod was big and heavy (IMO) and positive contact was rudimentary and not adjustable.

For that I design a non conventional threads with rectangular shape with one mm of lateral size. Making a non conventional threads forced me to design new cutting tools. The challenge was huge but after hundreds of hours of testing the result is like I imagined. The second challenge was to develop a positive pin that could automatically adjust the atty positive contact and battery length tolerance in ONE peace without using springs. A floating pin can adjust positive contact of atty, but cannot adjust battery length variations. For that I imagined a floating pin that in one extremity could perform as a spring. Machining a solid pin to perform as a spring was also an huge challenge. I had to try different metals alloys and make special cutting tools. After many many trials, i was able to machine a solid pin to perform as a spring. The idea was very simple, the challenge was to machine it....
With the beginning of the new year i want to show to you all the Nau.
I hope you enjoy it.”